Eastern Market Saturday

easternmarket_5Last weekend Zach and his girlfriend came up from Charlottesville to visit. I really love visitors, because it means that I can ignore school work for a little while and wander around our neighborhood loving it.

But I should confess… we aren’t terribly original with our visitors. We know what we like in the neighborhood, so really the decision making comes down to whether brunch should be at Ted’s Bulletin or Boxcar Tavern. I know, crazy big decisions over here.  We just really love ambling through Eastern Market, getting macarons at Sweet Lobby, and browsing through books at Capital Hill Books.

There are a lot of visitors headed our way over the next month and I am pretty thrilled to be revisiting these places as much as possible!  Here are a couple shots from our day… I can’t promise that there won’t be very similar pictures with future visitors.
easternmarket_1easternmarket_16Ted’s won the brunch vote, in case you were still super curious. And obviously, I took this picture because Zach had the good sense to complete the Primary color Triad and you know I can’t resist that.

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