Why I love DC: Zeke’s Donutz

Confession: It takes nothing short of a miracle to get me to work early. And by miracle, I mean being told that “there will be donuts  in the office between 9-10.”  I got there at 10:05 to find the office locked (which is how we know that this was the coffee hour hosted by the German department… the French understand being fashionably late and the Spanish don’t believe in time) but after some scrounging around the main office, I found the leftover donuts and taught  about fifteen minutes later fueled by an awesome sugar high.

Because people, I LOVE donuts. I used to work in a coffee shop and I was mildly obsessed with forcing people to buy donuts and keeping track of how close we were to selling out. When we pulled out the last tray of doughnuts, I would turn to my coworker and have the following conversation:

Hey Sarah… guess what?”

***eye roll from Sarah***

“You know how there used to be a lot of Mohicans, then there were just a few Mohicans, and then someone made a movie about the LAST of the Mohicans?”

***Bracing herself for what is coming***  “Yes?”

“Well if I was a film maker, I guess I would have to call this The Last of the Donuts.”

And then I would dissolve in laughter at my own wittiness and shove my face with donuts. This scenario repeated itself every week. For three years. And it just got better every time.

I have been ready for the cupcake crazy to end for awhile now, and while I would really love for specialty scone shops to pop up everywhere, I am also totally fine with donut shops taking over. This past weekend I did a really fun engagement shoot that ended with the couple introducing me to the glory that is Zeke’s DC Donutz in Dupont Cirle.

Behold, sweet donut glory.
zekescollageZeke's donutz_1

What it is: Tiny donut shop that offers only a handful of different flavors of donuts but I’m pretty sure they are all perfect. They also sell cereal milk, which is obviously the only way to eat milk.

Where it is: 2029 P ST NW

Why you should be excited: Because those donuts taste like heaven. They are giant, hot, fresh, gooey, perfectly sweet and fluffy orbs of Awesome and you need one now. I had a salted caramel one, which meant that my fingers got stuck to eat while eating so I was “forced” to eat it in under ten bites.

Zeke's donutzAnyone know of any other DC donut places? I heard about the Astrodonuts opening soon and I am pumped to try it, as it specializes in donuts and FRIED CHICKEN, a logical food pairing obviously.

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16 Responses to Why I love DC: Zeke’s Donutz

  1. Brooke Cook says:

    I know this is shameless, but i want the world to know that I told you about Astrodonuts!!

  2. Wendy says:

    I would totally watch The Last of the Donuts. That movie sounds amazing. And now I’ve got a serious donut craving.

  3. Maria Servold says:

    Oddly, I was scarfing a donut from Dutch Uncle Donuts when I saw the email with this post pop up in my Gmail. Weird! Also, those donuts are $2.50 each?! I think Dutch Uncle ones are about 80 cents a pop. (Understandable price difference, just noting it. 🙂 )

  4. I have tried to go here twice, and each time, they have been closed a few minutes before their closing time of 7pm! They are missing out on the late night crowd- but I’m glad they were delicious! I will make it happen soon.

    • Hannah says:

      I totally think that they need to change their hours. We originally went at 9 on Saturday and it was closed so we had to go back. I can’t help but think, why would you be closed Saturday morning… THAT IS PRIME DONUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Amanda says:

    I am not a food critic. I am, as you know, a food skeptic. And I am wary of the savory donut. Do I even want to know?

  6. Sam says:

    What’s cereal milk?

    • Hannah says:

      It’s a thing that a restaurant in NY started, but basically it means milk that tastes like it does after you eat a bowl of cereal… sugary and delicious!

      • Sam says:

        I can’t think of a situation in which I would like cereal milk more than cereal +milk lol. Especially with donuts, in which the milk serves to counterbalance the sweetness of the donut. Something to ponder I suppose…

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