Beauty in the midst.

It has been a crazy past couple of weeks. Studying for and taking my exams, editing and turning in my thesis, preparing for my defense (which happened yesterday!), and all the regular every day business of life. To top it off, I have done three engagement sessions in the past two weeks and with some weddings and travel coming up in May, every minute seems busy. This week my body finally let the crazy get to it and I missed two nights of sleep this week from laying in bed and being stressed about having too much to do and not getting sleep, which means that I am now fighting off a nasty exhaustion induced cold.

But there sure has been a lot of beauty in the midst of the busy. The beauty of spring finally showing up in all her flowered splendor, the beauty of encouraging notes tucked in my bag before James leaves for work in the morning, the beauty of longer days, dinners eaten on the sunporch, and sun-kissed cheeks. The beauty of seasons changing, life moving forwards,  milestones being reached, and fought-for accomplishments being celebrated. In general, the quiet beauty of everyday life.

In the May edition of Real Simple, the editor offers her critique of that book everyone is talking about about professional driven women, Lean In. Now I haven’t read the book yet, but I love how Kristin Van Ogtrop — a successful and professional woman — shared her opinion on the matter. Instead of a constant striving to be more successful, the Real Simple editor says:

“If a well-lived life is one of small triumphs, unexpected moments of beauty, and an abiding personal satisfaction, the most of us are on the right path. And it’s a joyful path.

As I have been going through photos from the various engagement shoots, I came across these photos, ones that I took to check the light before having the couples pose. They are unexpected moments of beauty in the midst of this crazy season.

beautyinthemidstHave any of you read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In yet? Any thoughts?

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2 Responses to Beauty in the midst.

  1. Leslie says:

    Beautiful Hannah. Really beautiful. I had one of those moments this morning, with the spring rain.
    Also, I read Sandburg’s book the other day. I actually enjoyed it. I disagree with her premise that the goal is 50/50 male-female participation in everything, but I enjoyed her advice about how to be in the workforce as a woman.

  2. Hannah says:

    When I went to work it was less spring rain and more DRENCHING DOWNPOUR THAT SOAKED ALL OF MY CLOTHES. But I’m glad it was beautiful for you!

    I have heard so much about her book on both sides that I am really eager to read it. I think it wil have to be on my [ever-growing] summer list!

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