Celebrating, New York Style.

Defending my thesis last week was slightly anticlimactic because I dove straight into a weekend busy with a graduate conference, finally doing laundry, and clearing out my three different inboxes AT LAST (and oh that last part feels good!).

But now.

Now I am a Master.

Now it is time to celebrate.05841r

Next weekend we are headed to New York for a weekend of exploring the city together with zero talk of French literature. We plan on wandering a lot, eating way too much, and probably taking more Instagram photos than James would care forBrooklyn-Bridge,-New-York-City,-New-York-1-3OECWV6Y8G-1600x1200

We are apartment swapping with some friends who live in the Upper East Side, and are planning to see some of the touristy stuff (and maybe even the Proust exhibit!!! I know I said no French lit…. but there are always exceptions), but I would love some recommendations for restaurants, since I wasn’t able to eat my way through all your suggestions last time (though not for lack of trying!). Where are some good places/neighborhoods that we should look into for dinner Friday and Saturday nights, or brunch Saturday and Sunday? Anything else that we should see to get the most of spring in the city? Leave a comment below with the must-eats for New York and any other advice!

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4 Responses to Celebrating, New York Style.

  1. Suzy says:

    Oops, I don’t follow instructions very well! I left a comment on your Facebook rather than here, but I’ll add to it here if you don’t mind!

    Heidi’s House: Only open for happy hour/supper, from 5:00PM -1:00 AM. The owners are SO sweet, and Heidi herself often bar-tends and chats with the customers in the tiniest, most adorable restaurant you’ve ever seen. Only a few doors down from my apartment!

    Village Taverna: A fantastic Greek restaurant in Union Square. Eat the haloumi cheese!

    Maison Kayser: 74th & 3rd. French bakery. There’s also a LaDuree on the Upper East Side!

    Can’t wait to hear how you spend your weekend! What can you recommend for us in DC? We’re definitely eating at Founding Fathers and going to see cherry blossoms, if they’re still there!

    • Hannah says:

      There might be a few blossoms left, but if not there are tons of other great flowering trees!

      You have to check out Good Stuff bugers and Ted’s Bulletin brunch — both right near our place. And go ahead and make a reservation now for Founding Fathers because it books up fast!

      And of course, macarons at Sweet Lobby!

  2. OK, I think that’s more than enough for all the meals you’d eat in a single weekend! These are the places I like to go regularly, but if there’s an area you’re specifically interested in that I haven’t mentioned, I’m sure I could make a recommendation for that, too! (Listed from downtown to uptown, sort of.)

    The Fat Radish (Chinatown/Lower East Side) is basically British but with way more vegetables! Very cute and intimate; really well thought-out food in a warm and inviting space.

    Mercer Kitchen in Soho is delicious New American cuisine in a swanky and romantic setting. Located in the Mercer Hotel’s basement. Definitely a dinner place, though their brunch is great, too. Soho has really cool architecture and brick streets, and lots of fun design shops. There’s also a huge Dean & Deluca (the original) and good clothes shopping. If you knit/crochet/sew, check our Purl Soho on Broome Street. (Broome Street also has Harney & Sons Tea and Kate’s Paperie, a beautiful stationery shop.)

    Buvette (in the West Village–super fun to walk around/shop in) is the most adorable little French place with darling small plates and an irresistible pâté. They do breakfast/brunch, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. Perfect, too, if you need a place to sit down for an afternoon snack. The other French place worth checking out is Maison Kayser (Upper East Side), which is totally different from Buvette but just as good.

    Pastis (French) or The Standard Grill (American) are staples of the Meatpacking District, which is perfect for starting a springtime walk on the High Line (elevated park). Brunch or lunch is the best time to go. Also visit the Sephora and the Apple Store while you’re in the neighborhood.

    Cookshop (in Chelsea) is kind of a farm-to-table American restaurant that has an innovative menu and a casual atmosphere. Also very close to the High Line, but about six blocks up from Pastis/The Standard. You might check out Chelsea Market (though it’s a little touristy) and Ninth Street Coffee on your way from the Meatpacking District to Cookshop.

    Esca (in Hell’s Kitchen–my neighborhood!) is Northern Italian seafood; it’s known for its crudo (the Italian version of sashimi) and is a paragon of fantastic service. If you want to go, let me know, and I’ll get you a table (usually it takes months to get a reservation, but we can skip all that!). It’s also fun to sit at the small bar, which is what we usually do. Great for spotting celebrities. Go for your official celebratory dinner on Friday night to kick off your weekend!

    • Hannah says:

      Thanks so much!!! I knew you would be a good source. And because you are a faithful foodstagrammer, I have been drooling over some of these names for awhile! I will look at where all we are trying to go and let me know if we should take you up on that table offer! 🙂

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