Spontaneous Spring

This past week of cold rainy days made me a little distressed that we would skip spring and go straight to summer. I am willing spring back for a couple weeks more by sharing some glorious glances of spring around DC from last weekend.
flowersprimarycolorbike^^^Hooray for the primary colors!!!! You will always be my favorites.^^^DSC_7965And of course, what would spring be without an ee cummings poem?


bebebirdies^^^Oh look — baby birdies from those pretty eggs! James has given me very specific instructions on not removing them from the nest and trying to domesticate them… but that doesn’t stop me from watching  and squealing!^^^

What has this spring been like for you? Any favorite signs of spring?

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2 Responses to Spontaneous Spring

  1. Leslie says:

    What a good weekend. 😉

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