beachtrip Last weekend we slipped out of the city with some dear friends and headed to the beach. I’ve never lived somewhere before where you can just go to the beach for the afternoon and I love it.
beachtrip2 What is it about the ocean that draws us to it so? What is it about sitting on the beach all afternoon that can leave you simultaneously exhausted, relaxed, and refreshed? What is it about the wind and sun and sand that soothes the soul?
beachtrip3Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to lots more of it this summer. Any beach plans in your summer?

*The quote is from this poem.

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2 Responses to Whatever.

  1. Jess says:

    I am currently living in Idaho but I grew up in Southern California and I am going back in July! I am so excited to have long beach days and maybe work on tanning this clear body.

    • Hannah says:

      I think that people from Southern California tan easier because you all have this tan just waiting to come out at the first sign of sun. I am jealous. Have so much fun going back! Although, I hear that Idaho is pretty beautiful too!

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