But then summer comes.

My feelings about academia and grad school fluctuate constantly. When I look at our bank account and I think how awesome it would be if I was getting a real working person paycheck, I am less than thrilled with my current position. When a Saturday comes around and everyone is doing fun things and I am at Starbucks reading another depressing book and writing another paper unpacking the negative vestiges of colonialism/ the subjugation of woman/ the meaninglessness of life, I hate my  own life a little. When I grade endless stacks of tests making the exact same mistakes no matter how many times that student has been corrected, I want to stick pencils in my eyes.

But then summer comes.

And I watch James leaved for a sweaty walk to work in his suit.

And I watch everyone I know go off and miss all those beautiful summer days to earn those awesome big paychecks.

And I get all the missed Saturdays of my entire year in one glorious succession.

And I think, you know what, I’m pretty lucky.

This week I feel especially so because I am here with two of my very favorite people. We are eating a lot of delicious food, watching a lot of entertaining television, laughing more than should be possible, and wearing way higher SPF than anyone else on the beach because we are those women, the ones with the sun hats, midriff covering swimsuits, and a vigorous sunscreen reapplication schedule. vscocam577

Lest you think that my summer is all fun and games, I am teaching summer school for July and August. Plus, I have been spending a lot of time editing wedding photos over the past couple weeks and there is no end in sight. As proof, I leave you with two images from this past weekend’s wedding.DSC_3135bwDSC_2990

Now then, I’m off to the pool.

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3 Responses to But then summer comes.

  1. gyanfry says:

    Reblogged this on gefry777.

  2. Heidi says:

    🙂 Me and Callan get our first beach trip this week. After several weeks of job searching and getting used to Alex being gone nights, it’s about time.

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