Happy Birthday America!

Colorado_137We had been hiking for a couple hours when we came to the top of the mountain and saw a flag, tangled and falling down. James took it down and untangled it before righting it again.    He will most likely be annoyed that I shared this picture because he wasn’t doing it for the photo-op. This was our flag, and it was meant to fly free or not at all. It bothered us all that we had to leave it flying frayed, but I’m hoping that whoever put it up there will return to replace it now that all the snows have melted. Until then, it will be flying over that valley between the heavens created by an awesome God and the land settled by an intrepid people.

Happy Birthday America, you’re pretty great.

What are you all doing for the Fourth?

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday America!

  1. Day off = sleeping in, pancakes, iced coffee, and a long book to take to the park with a late afternoon picnic. Wish I had a grill to make some kebabs or corn!

    • Hannah says:

      That sounds wonderful!!!! James had Friday off too, so we did all the lazing about on Friday… totally vital to a good Fourth. : )

  2. April Coleman says:

    Awesome photo!!

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