Giveaway: Custom Morse Code Jewelry from Some Tiny Stories

TinyStories-84 I love words.

I think that’s why I decided to orient so much of my life around studying a language. Words are magical. The fact that some words express so much, the fact that some languages have words that seem so perfect and yet are missing in other languages, the fact that learning new words makes me all giggly — this is my life.

I’ve said it before, but I think that we are too quick to say nowadays that there just aren’t words for something. Maybe we have just lost the power to find them. Shakespeare would find them, Dickens would find them, Proust would find them — even if it meant that it took a sentence that lasted 5 pages and had 22 semicolons.  And when I find the right words, the perfect words that expressed something that is true, I just want to hold them close to me in a tangible way, which is of course impossible. They are, after all, just words.

But that’s why I’m so excited about today’s giveaway. TinyStories-91Wendy, of the Etsy shop Some Tiny Stories takes words, names, thoughts, and phrases and spells them out in morse code on necklaces and bracelets. She takes the words that stick with you and lets you see and wear them, turning something meaningful into something beautiful.

Tinystoriescollage2When Wendy and I talked about doing a giveaway a while back, I had the hardest time picking some words and phrases. I finally decided on some that I wanted to keep close and I have loved wearing them around the past couple weeks. Lines from favorite old hymns, French words with nuances I love,  just seem so perfect pulled from speech and stretched out in shining strands. I took some photos of my beautiful friend Sarah in the jewelry Wendy sent for her website and I am happy to share some with you today. At the very bottom, see how you can win some jewelry of your own!
TinystoriescollageTinyStories-23TinyStories-42TinyStories-28 Tinystoriescollage3TinyStories-58 TinyStories-46Tinystoriescollage4TinyStories-64Tinystoriescollage5TinyStories-78To win a custom piece of morse code jewelry:

  1. Like her page on Facebook.
  2. Visit her Etsy shop and look around. Make sure to check out her About page and see a picture of her precious little girl!
  3. Come back here telling me you did the first two steps. In your comment, also share what word, name, or phrase you would want made into some jewelry, unless you are like me and will need to think for forever. Make sure to include your email in the comment form (always private from anyone other than me) so that I can get in touch with you.
  4. You can enter any time before next Thursday, Nov. 14th, at 8am. Winner will be announced on here later that day.

Additionally, Wendy is giving 10% off any order with the coupon code theartinlife10. This code has no expiration, so you can keep on having pretty words as long as you want.

So what words would you want to wear?

Note: Unfortunately, the giveaway shipping can only be domestic. International readers — you can still share what word you would love, but the winner must have a US shipping address. Also, as some phrases are longer than expected once spelled out in morse code, you may have to tweak what you decide on if you win… your neck only allows so much room for words.

Update: Our winner is Joanna Dixon, who thought of a beautiful Spanish phrase that she would love to wear. Joanna, I’ll be emailing you shortly with instructions on claiming your lovely jewelry! Thanks to everyone who liked, browsed, and entered — I wish I could send pretties to all of you. Remember that you can use the code above for 10% off an order at any time. Happy shopping!

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88 Responses to Giveaway: Custom Morse Code Jewelry from Some Tiny Stories

  1. Megan says:

    Oohhhhh I love this! I liked her on Facebook and checked out her Etsy page! I love how this is so original- many of the jewelry pieces found on Etsy seem to be very similar. I love how it is personalized with a message but it’s kind of hidden. I love everything about this!

    I would have to think about what message I would get, but I would probably get something for my mom. She is the most unconditionally supportive person I know! But we are both the same, we don’t like wearing big words or anything on necklaces. This would be PERFECT!!!!

  2. brockwaybeaconMary Neven says:

    hannah! I did the first two steps– i love the morse code idea. how cool.
    words: “stop, this passing has meaning.”

  3. Sharalyn says:

    Likes, visited, fallen in love with this idea!

    I would have “pure joy” (for James 1:2-4).

  4. Julia says:

    Hi Hannah,
    What amazing jewelry! I completed the first two steps. I would love the following phrase, “They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.” Also, “America is my country, and Paris is my home town.” Too hard to decide! Side note, I made the kale salad the other day and nearly ate the whole thing in one sitting (kale and I aren’t usually friends).

  5. Rebecca says:

    Hi Hannah! I did the first two steps. I love this! I’ll need to think over my word or phrase 🙂

  6. Laurie Whiteman says:

    Wow! I did the first two and enjoyed the photo of Wendy’s little girl. I love words and think a favorite today is Grace . . . but so hard to choose just one word!


  7. I’m glad you wrote about this business — what a great art form and way to communicate a message in a beautiful way. I bet these necklaces and bracelets are great conversation starters. I enjoyed checking out the Some Tiny Stories facebook page (and liking it) and website. I’ve thought about what I would get, and it would either be the phrase “Wise shall be the bearers of the light,” which is a reminder of the responsibility that journalists (like me) have to report the truth (and the motto of my grad school, University of Missouri-Columbia’s School of Journalism) or “Let love and faithfulness never leave you” (Proverbs 3:3) because the rest of the verse goes on to say: “Bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart” (which is pretty perfect, since the message WILL be around my neck)

  8. This is really beautiful jewelry- I love that you took the photos for her Etsy site, Hannah- they are beautiful photos to compliment! I have followed her on Facebook and looked at her site, and her daughter’s story of clinging on to the bracelet for someone else is precious. I would have to brainstorm what I would want on a necklace or bracelet, because it really is a precious piece of jewelry. Maybe a favorite quote – words are so powerful and what a great way to express them!

  9. This jewelry is so pretty! I love that it is delicate, modern, and mysterious all at the same time. I’ve been contemplating ordering some kind of necklace with my name on it forever… this could be just the ticket! I also always love supporting a fellow etsy-er… On that token, I’ve been wanting to put a few more things up in my shop and it would be so fun to do a giveaway here if you’re ever interested.

  10. mindygroff says:

    Beautiful. What a unique idea. I did the first two steps, and if I don’t win I’m adding this to my Christmas list. I’ve changed my mind 20 times in the last 5 minutes, trying to pick a word or phrase. I think I’ve landed on “faithfulness,” from a favorite old hymn.

  11. Rebekah says:

    But of course! All of her things are so beautiful. I would get a silver necklace and might have to think about the message– but I’m leaning towards “even the darkness is not dark to You” (from Psalm 139).

  12. norajohari says:

    It’s lovely! And Hannah I did those two steps already and even though I’m over the horizon thousand miles away, I’ll still share my word with you. It’s Wanderlust 😀

    Lots of love from Brunei

  13. Laura says:

    I liked her page on Facebook and also favorited her shop on Etsy! Love her work! I would have to think for a while before deciding what words to use. I think they would have to be a verse with one of God’s promises… I seem to always need a good reminder of those. Sure hope I win!!

  14. Elizabeth Blair Ollis says:

    Good Morning Hannah! I’ve completed the first two steps. So excited about this giveaway – Wendy’s jewelry is beautiful and so unique! My phrase would be simple . . . Love and Faith – Words that guide my life everyday. Thank you!

  15. Kate says:

    How creative! I, of course, liked on Facebook and Etsy. Can’t get enough of this gorgeous silver.

    My word?


  16. Emily says:

    Hi Hannah! These are all kinds of gorgeous. I love them. I would definitely need some time to think of a word, 🙂 I liked and visited.

  17. Amy Grace Duncan says:

    Love this!

    I did the first two steps… favorites are Wendy’s double strand gold necklaces! I love the idea of getting my and Duke’s initials but if I did the necklaces I would probably get a longer saying. Maybe “I am my beloved’s” or something like that. Yay for awesome Hillsdale people have these great blogs and shops!!

  18. Meagan M says:

    I love this giveaway! I liked her page on FB and etsy but I’m still thinking about my word 🙂

  19. marcygirliegirl says:

    Love the jewelry! So simple. unique and elegant! I did the first two step. Should I win I would want my word to be “fierce”
    Thank you!

  20. What a cool idea! Love it! I liked her FB page and checked out her etsy shop. I’d love to have a necklace of my baby girl’s name – Emma Grace. Thanks!!! =)

  21. Hannah Robison says:

    Hi Hannah! I love the concept of this line of jewelry! I completed the first two steps and I would like word “esperanza” if that’s possible! Thanks for you posts!

  22. Gretchen says:

    Such a great idea for jewelry! I did steps one and two. I would get a gold necklace with the words “mercy” and “truth”.

  23. Stephanie says:

    Hi Hannah!
    I’ve liked Wendy’s Facebook page and perused her Etsy shop – she certainly has a unique idea and it’s beautiful to boot! If I were to win the giveaway I would have the necklace encoded with the word “Feather”. Feather is a little nickname that my boyfriend and I call each other because we attend a liberal arts college in New York, and we are quite the antithesis of the majority of the students here (birds of a feather flock together). Thank you for writing such a wonderful blog, I love to stop by and give it a read now and again.

  24. DCTdesigns says:

    Hannah!Fabulous collaboration in this giveaway. I can’t like on FB because I avoid FB. 🙂 But I checked out her Etsy store and absolutely Favorited her shop. My list of words would be too long and nearly impossible to narrow down. But today I’d simply say “My Hallow Heart” or ” My Susurrus soul”.

  25. Kristin says:

    Liked her Facebook and Loved her jewelry. What a unique concept. My wedding ring is yellow gold and I would love a necklace that would subtly match. I would get the word “truth” or “clarity” as a reminder to keep it real. Thanks for the opportunity.

  26. Alicia says:

    What a beautiful idea for jewelry, and wonderful photographs by you! I liked her page and hope to see it grow as a result of your giveaway. I am one of those “get stuck and take forever to decide folks” but I would probably get something like “inspire everyday”, “i carry you with me” or “with me in my heart”.

  27. Leslie Keathley says:

    I love this! I liked her page on facebook and checked out her etsy site. thank you for sharing her work and giving me the chance to win! now for choosing what to say…that’s the tough part. i will have to give that some good thought.

  28. Katie says:

    Done and done. Ever since I read the listings on the photo above I’ve been singing “it is well, with my soul” in my head over and over. I think those would be the words I’d want to capture, as a reminder and a goal.

  29. Amanda says:

    This. This is just lovely and perfect. I completed all of the steps TO WIN and I have no idea which word(s) I’d like. Sehnsucht is my pick for now. 🙂 Love this! Sharing!

  30. sharon says:

    Oh, and the steps to win…I “liked” on FB (and hoping the people I’m thinking of ordering for don’t see the “like”) and wasted way too much work time on her Etsy. I really want a silver bracelet, and I would probably obsess for hours (days) before actually ordering, but right now what I would choose is “please come flying,” a chorused line from the incredible ‘Invitation to Miss Marianne Moore’ by Elizabeth Bishop.

  31. Heather S says:

    I’ve completed both and I need to think a little more about what I’d choose to make it GOOD 🙂
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  32. jenn Blake says:

    Did both steps! I have never seen this before, love the idea but it will definitely take some time for me to figure out a phrase maybe my kids names.

  33. Jamie Vanderput says:

    Did both steps. These are beautiful! I would use the name “Grace”.

  34. Rebecca says:

    Hannah – what a fun giveaway! I agree, words (and for me, stories) are astounding. I’ve liked Some Tiny Stories on facebook and love the Etsy shop! Can’t decide, maybe “Wonder” or “He is Faithful” or something from a hymn. Love reading your blog! I used to work in DC and now live back near home in VA, so it’s fun to see someone else’s perspective on the city. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Heidi says:

    I love the new pictures and have wanted one of Wendy’s necklaces for awhile…I completed both the steps and I think my word would be “blessed”, as a good reminder of God’s blessings…which are too many to count, when I stop and try.

  36. Shannon says:

    Directions followed. I am not sure what I would have mine say, but I have loved this idea since Wendy first posted it. I have kind of been looking for an excuse to buy something since then, too. . . 😉

  37. dana vague says:

    visited Some Tiny Stories on FB and Etsy…really beautiful pieces. love the idea of a subtle way of wearing my favorite person’s name or phrase. it would take me a while to decide on what word/phrase to use, but i’d love to win!

  38. Kit says:

    I did the first two steps 🙂
    i would need a while to decide i think… i might use my sister’s name (Hannah) or something in French since i am also a student of that loveliest of languages or a quote… yeah i would need time

  39. I liked the one page and checked out the other. What unique and beautiful jewelry! So simple and perfect. My word would be “delight.”

  40. Natalie says:

    What lovely, delicate jewelry. I love and totally identify with Wendy’s desire to wear words or names in a way that’s elegant, subtle and almost secret. Morse code jewelry is the perfect solution for that! I don’t know yet what my words would be, but I completed the first two steps = ). Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Shelly says:

    Hello! I have tried to post three times and it keeps crashing, so I’m really sorry if you have seen this four times. 🙂 I visited her Etsy shop and liked her Facebook page. I would love “Timshel” or anything from The Book Thief. 🙂 Maybe I’ll win. 🙂

  42. abby hummel says:

    I have enough ideas for 10 necklaces. Maybe just the word Beloved? Or my favorite quote from Perelandra – “All is Gift.” They are so beautiful!

  43. Rebekah says:

    I love this! I was thinking about what I wanted to do for Chirstmas gifts for my mom and sisters right before reading this post.. now I know!!

    I went and liked her fb page and checked out her etsy store (could her about page be any sweeter??)

    I am not sure what I would get on there – something probably on the silly side! Something to make my sisters laugh while having some kind of importance – either relating to a time we had together or something we believe in.

    thanks for introducing us to such a beautiful line!

  44. Lydia Thomas says:

    What a great concept! Liked her Facebook page and looked at her Etsy. The phrase? “Abundant Life.”

  45. Ashley Brashear says:

    Hannah, oh Hannah. Let’s be real…even if I don’t win I’m buying out her whole store. Yet, it seems I am but a meager high school teacher. Ergo a win would be just perfect. I “liked”, I visited the store, I even have told countless friends about this gorgeous enterprise. I should like “all is grace”, “being is gift”, or if its possible with length, “I have found the one who my soul loves”.

    As Ricky Bobby said, “If you ain’t first your last”.

  46. I’m so excited about this giveaway! This jewelry is such a beautiful idea! I’m not sure what phrase I would pick, but I’m thinking about my grandmother’s name…maybe.

  47. Devon says:

    Liked. Looked. And totally can’t narrow down what word I would want! There are approximately 643 bouncing around in my head! 🙂

  48. I did the first two steps. I need more time to think of a word. I have too many words to pick just one!

  49. elainemckinley72 says:

    I am seriously obsessed with this. I have been pursuing her Etsy and Facebook pages for about 30 minutes trying to decide what phrase I would want to wear. I think I would have to go with “always.” Thanks for writing and sharing this artist with us readers!

  50. Angel Ludwig says:

    I did the first two steps after I fell in love with the pictures you posted showcasing them. I was riveted by the simple significance. My phrase, “there will never be one like me ever again”

  51. Tessa says:

    Consider the page “liked” and the etsy page perused! I would really like a visible reminder to “Be Still.” For he is God, and I am loved!

  52. Alicia Victoria says:

    I did the first two steps! What a unique story and little cutie. My word choice, is Alexithymia! And like Birdie, I want one two please 🙂

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  54. Joanna Dixon says:

    This is truly lovely. I completed the steps. Phrase? “I confess that I have lived” (or “Confieso que he vivido in Spanish)…a favorite quote by Pablo Neruda.

  55. Ian Wallin says:

    First two steps completed! As a gift to my wife it would say, “till death”.

  56. Jenni Hodges says:

    Steps completed as instructed! I love the idea. I’m like you – I’m going to have to think on the words… :o)

  57. Megan Brown says:

    I also liked her FB page and explored her Etsy site! I, like many others, am not entirely sure what words I would choose yet…there are so many wonderful options! 🙂

  58. Got those steps done and was impressed with the simpleness of this awesome jewelry! kimer.workman@gmail com
    “I can do all this through Christ!”

  59. Dawn Ogden says:

    I have wanted a Some Tiny Stories necklace since Wendy started her shop! But even after thinking about it for so long, I still don’t know what words I would choose – something nerdy, probably, obviously.

    I also favorited on Etsy, and I would “like” on facebook if I had an account. 🙂

  60. Eva says:

    Both steps completed!

    So many words coming to mind, but keep coming back to “not with haste”. Happy weekending!

  61. Brittany says:

    I have completed both steps. I am still deciding what phrase I would like on the necklace, if I win. I love the following verse “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You” (Isaiah 26:3).

    I also love the French phrase L’appel du vide- I may have to buy another necklace to get that phrase as well!

    • Brittany says:

      If the verse is too long, maybe just the Hebrew word for peace. It is one of those words that is not translated perfectly into English- it also means wholeness or completeness 🙂

  62. I love this! What a great gift idea for a loved one or dear friend. I adore the idea of giving someone a “secret” message. I liked on facebook and etsy… still thinking of a good phrase/word.

  63. i love this! did the first two steps. I would either get my husband’s name or the word “kingdom”… but, just like you, i’d need to think about it. 🙂

  64. Kerry Greco says:

    This is so, so great! I liked her page on FB and checked out her Etsy page–such a great thing! If I win I would love a necklace with the word “beloved.”

    And my e-mail is:

  65. Anna Elizabeth says:

    This is so great! I looked and liked, and after some thought decided if I were to get one of these pieces I would have the phrase ‘Remember who you are’. My Dad used to say this to me every time I left the house when I was a little girl and I carry these words with me always.

  66. Katie B says:

    Well, of course I had to like her Facebook page and favorite a necklace on Etsy. I don’t know how I could choose just one word or phrase, but “the little toil of love” would probably win. It’s pulled from my favorite poem, written by Emily Dickinson, that I mull over on an almost daily basis. Or I’d choose “and yet.” Elie Wiesel once described those as his favorite two words, because they hint at so much of what’s to come.

  67. Leslie says:

    What a wonderful idea! I liked her page on facebook and visited her Etsy page. I would choose the word “Mercy”. Thanks!

  68. Mackenzie says:

    I love love love this beautiful little business! I definitely liked her page and checked out her Etsy. Beautiful jewelry! If I were to get a phrase it would be, “be still” referencing exodus 14:14 or “to love another person” from Hugo’s Les Miserables (the full quote being “To love another person is to see the face of God.”

  69. Ash B. says:

    This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile! I just love it. I completed both steps (Facebook and Etsy). If it’s not too long, I’d like “girl with black pearls”. The short version of the story behind it is my paternal grandmother used to say when I was little and she was alive that my eyes were like little black pearls. Now that I am 26 and I am learning how to embrace the beauty God has given to me, I have come to use “girl with black pearls” as a moniker and to remind me that I am a person of inherent worth.

  70. venicelmaxwell says:

    I LOVE this idea of her jewelry. I especially loved her story in the about section. I almost started crying. I would love to win a piece of her amazing jewelry. I would need to think about my word but one that keeps popping up for me would be “forgiven” 🙂

  71. Katherine A says:

    What a fun idea! I have certainly done both, and the words I would want would be faith, hope, love.

  72. Jen Fisher says:

    Done, and done! I can’t decide what I would choose, but probably something from “i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)” bu ee cummings.

  73. gunkie3 says:

    Hi Hannah!

    I did the first two steps… I love, love, love the idea of turning beloved words into pretty jewelry! 🙂 I want to get four bracelets (or maybe necklaces?) as christmas gifts for my mom, sister, grandma and I. One will say “I’ll love you forever”, one will say “I’ll like you for always”, one will say “As long as I live”, and my grandmother’s will say “My babies you’ll be”

    These phrases come from the book “I’ll love you forever” by Robert Munsch that my mom used to read to my little sister and I growing up (okay, it’s still my favorite book ever!) .These phrases are near and dear to all of our hearts!

  74. Katy says:

    i liked her and checked our her etsy shop!

    It’s hard to pick one phrase. I have so many bible verses and hymns that I love but probably one of the following:

    Romans 12:12 (my life verse):
    Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.


    Lam 3:22-23 (our wedding verse, such new mercy to have found my sweet husband after a broken engagement)
    “His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness”


    hymn lyrics (rock of ages) reminding me of our need to cling to our Savior alone for grace….
    Nothing in my hand I bring,
    simply to the cross I cling

    Yeah, narrowing it down will be hard. 🙂 Hopefully I will win so I can win one phrase and buy another!

  75. Meghan says:

    Did it baby. Would love something for my sister, so maybe her nickname: I call her, “Lizzie” or the words “wonder&joy” for Christmas because who ISN’T already getting excited.

  76. natalie guy says:

    I did the first two things. What a fabulous idea of putting words into morse code for jewelry! I love that you can wear a secret on your neck or wrist. Oh my gosh, what would I pick to wear? There are so many Bible verses, song lyrics, or one liners I love that I may have trouble deciding! I would maybe pick Jer. 20:8 “His word was in my heart like a burning fire”

  77. Lauren says:

    I absolutely love the idea behind this shop on etsy! I did the first two steps and I think the word I would love to have is “agape.” Everyday I am amazed by the love God has for us and wearing that word would be a constant reminder to try and show that love to all around me.

  78. Caroline says:

    Love her FB & Etsy page! I had this great idea of what I would choose to have it say, but then I read someone else’s comment on here that said she would give this to her mom and then I just felt guilty, because really, this would make the best Christmas present for my mom. Sooooo I would probably choose to have it say something like “I love you. Love, your favorite daughter.”

  79. Michelelynne says:

    What an awesome and unique idea! I liked her on Facebook and checked out her Etsy page! I have no idea what I would say. It’s so special that I would want to really give it some thought.

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