The things that are ours to do.

novemberweekendleavesFall2013-36Fall2013-38 Fall2013-39 Fall2013-40donutsFall2013-42 Fall2013-48 Fall2013-52 Fall2013-53If a weekend could encapsulate all that is good about fall, it would be this past weekend.

We spent lots of time with friends, and the chilly fall weather meant that we sat inside around the table longer than necessary, something you don’t do when it stays light later and summer evenings call. Saturday morning I convinced James to come with me for The Best Breakfast Sandwich in DC (in my opinion) at Batter Bowl Bakery. Seriously people — come to DC and eat this sandwich. There is absolutely nothing special about it in terms of ingredients, but it is so tasty. I’m pretty sure the croissant is made entirely of butter. Walking back I had to stop and throw leaves in the air because I’m just not strong enough to resist acting like a child during fall.

That night we hosted the 3rd Annual Donut Night. Y’all know how I feel about donuts. We first made donuts during my first fall in DC and now it has expanded into one of my favorite fall evenings, full of good friends, hot cider, and more Canola oil than should be allowed. This year we made the original pumpkin donuts and we added some apple cider ones. I managed not to start a grease fire and everyone got to squeeze Susannah and Josue’s fresh baby girl Elise. She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, even if James was a baby hog and she liked him better than me. Let’s be real though, he looked so precious holding that little squishy baby that I wasn’t really ripping her from his arms. We also made way too many donuts… if that’s even possible. I am a little distressed that the FDA is discussing banning trans fat, because it basically held together my weekend and I don’t know what I’ll do without it, other than live healthier.

We finished our weekend with a bloomin’ onion  after church (I know..I was so bad this weekend and promise to eat kale all week), and an engagement shoot around Eastern Market. Last night, James and I made homemade pizza (I promise there were veggies!) and sat transfixed watching Olympus Has Fallen. Did anyone else notice that it was like every season of 24 rolled into one film? Did I care? Nope.

But what made this a great weekend, not just a good one, was that in between all the really unhealthy eating and fun, I managed to get a lot of work done. Saturday was productive enough to make Sunday really restful. And aren’t weekends where you work hard more gratifying than ones where you just laze around? I mean, I love lazing around, but we weren’t meant for just lazing. We were meant to do well what is ours to do. Sometimes that means fun things like long dinners with friends, laughing and enjoying fall, exploring our city, and deep frying way too many donuts. But other times it means writing midterm papers, grading tests, and laundry. These things are mine to do. And this weekend, enough of both types happened around here.

I hope you all had wonderful November weekends, full of all the best things.

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17 Responses to The things that are ours to do.

  1. Rebekah says:

    You are so pretty, Hannah… and the b&w shot of James with the baby is great. Apple cider donuts? Mmmm. Crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to clear my gluten allergy soon, and then I will give these a go-round. Donuts are of those things that just do NOT work without wheat. 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Oh my gosh I’ve been wanting to host a donut party! Those look fantastic! Cute idea 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    What a fun tradition! I can’t say I’ve ever made homemade donuts, but you make me want to try. And your friend’s baby girl! What a precious doll!

  4. mary says:

    i am obsessed with your blog. some blogs have great photos, but write about nothing. some write about great things, but the photos are……….

    but you’ve got both down and i love it. thanks for being here. : )

  5. wifiemmott says:

    We hosted an Autumn Party this weekend – just to celebrate the season. I served hot rum toddies and we ate seasonal foods, and I decked the house out in homemade leaf garlands – it was so much fun, and very festive before the christmas season kicks in. Would recommend it.
    I loved this post Hannah, and I can really relate to your joyful exuberance in this season especially – keep them coming.

  6. E. Henry says:

    I LOVE your outfits! 🙂

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