How Easter looked.

Easter // I  mean, maybe it’s just me, but I find the many yards of bunting I have on hand to be one of my more practical possessions. You never know when you will need to whip it out and construct a bunting canopy. Nothing says “HE IS RISEN!!!” like brunch and bunting. Right? Maybe? We have a pretty amazing group that goes to church together every week and last year we established a pre-Easter service. Bacon, monkey bread (it is risen too!), these amazing crispy potatoes — the works.//Spring-85Spring-86//After church, an Easter lunch out in Virginia with friends and the cutest little girl. Would you just look at those bows???//
Spring-88Spring-91Spring-94//Ok, that top picture is just too much. And the bottom one? Husband holding babies just about does me in. //Spring-100Easter2Spring-104Spring-114Spring-115Spring-106// In case you are wondering, yes, yes I do wear the same dress every year for Easter. Tradition is what separates us from the beasts. //Spring-116Spring-117// Sun! Open-toes shoes! Eating outside on blankets! Joy!//

All of these moments, these beautiful, sunny, delicious, sweet baby filled moments were wonderful. But none of them are as wonderful as that moment in church where we sing/yell the best hymns, the Easter hymns where we can finally say hallelujah again. Those moments where we remember why we celebrate Easter, the moments where the trumpets sound and  you just know.

He is risen indeed!

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16 Responses to How Easter looked.

  1. Amanda says:


  2. BT says:

    Lovely photos!

    (And the white maxi dress…where is it from??)

  3. Megan Miano Craft says:

    these photos are total joy. wish I could squeeze you

  4. tina says:

    I am completely done in by the photo of James and Elise with sad faces… too adorable for words!!!

  5. How beautiful! We still have snow :(. But we had a couple of beautiful highlights as well–I sang in a choir at a sunrise service, and in the evening we had our first bonfire.
    A belated happy Easter to you. He is risen!

  6. E. Henry says:


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