Paris2014-45//I can’t really emphasize enough how disgusting the weather was last week. Cold, rainy, dreary. I bought tights so I could make my summer clothes work for the wintry weather and drank a lot of hot chocolate. It’s supposed to get nicer this week, so I guess it just means I got to enjoy a full range of seasonal weather during my summer visit. Still, the weather hasn’t been allowed to get in my way and this past week has been full of Paris adventures. //Paris2014-46 Paris2014-47 Paris2014-48 Paris2014-50//One of my favorite things to do in Paris is just wandering, letting my feet roam across this city at will, turning down whatever beautiful street comes into view. I wandered under an umbrella a lot this week, but I didn’t hold back, using my precious days here to explore favorite old places and find new ones. I also did so much walking that I managed to throughly mess up a muscle in my leg. This really unique pain prompted some googling (which you should never ever ever do) and the conclusion that I was going to die of a blood clot. I’m serious guys — it was bad. There was a lot of panicked messaging with my mother, maybe even some tears, and dire declarations that I wanted to be buried in the dress I just bought.  The pain is mostly gone this week, but I am not above hurling myself at the mercy of the French medical system if it comes back, something I know little about beyond my horrendous medical visit for my visa.//
Paris2014-52//The walking, while it might make me lose a leg, has facilitated my other main activity: eating. I have basically decided to ignore any and all attempts at healthy living while here. Because do you see the golden buttery-ness of those pastries above? Resistance is futile. Also, cheese. All of it, all the time.// Paris2014-54 Paris2014-56//Paris, and my favorite Parisians, make me so happy that this post will be boasting not just one, but two of the glee-induced double chin photos. Plus, on Saturday THE SUN CAME OUT and we spent the whole day out in the city.//Paris2014-60 Paris2014-62 Paris2014-63 //Yes, I am still getting excited about each and every primary color sighting. I cannot deny who I am. //Paris2014-64 Paris2014-65 Paris2014-66 //We wanted to see the new exhibit at the Petit Palais on Belle Époque Paris and the World’s Fair. Unfortunately, all advance tickets were sold out, and the wait for day-of tickets can take hours. That is, unless you are lucky enough to drag along your friend who just had knee surgery. One look at those crutches and we skipped the entire line. Yes, I am the worst.//Paris2014-67 Paris2014-70 Paris2014-71 Paris2014-72 Paris2014-73 Paris2014-75 Paris2014-76 Paris2014-77//I stayed with my friend Emma the first week, but for the next two weeks I am staying in the apartment of the family that I nannied for when I last lived here. Last night I climbed up the back stairwell, all the way up to the floor where my tiny apartment was. There is just something about this view that will never get old to me, no matter how many times I post pictures of it or see it. It isn’t just that it is the perfect clichéd beauty of the Paris skyline at sunset. It is the fact that this view was the backdrop of a year where I was so happy, a year that helped me grow in so many ways, taught me so much about my self, and let a foreign city become home. In this view, there is an entire period of my life that I am blessed to revisit every time I see it.//

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17 Responses to Lately.

  1. Ooh, I want go. Looking for cheap tickets !!

  2. I feel like a Paris visitor myself…thanks!

  3. Jess says:

    Oh this is just beautiful. Also, I love that you thought you had a blood clot because of googling. No joke, I just had that same fear several weeks ago when I had an unexpected shooting pain in my arm. After some serious research (and by research, I mean I looked at WebMD), and it became clear that I was about to need an amputation.

    • Hannah says:

      I am so glad I’m not alone. I actually have long had a random fear of blood clots, ever since my mom grabbed my arm right before I boarded a plane for Hong Kong in high school and reminded me to get up and walk every two hours of the 16 hour flight so that I didn’t get a blood clot. Thus, any pain within any close proximity of a plane ride and I am all “I’M DYING Y’ALL!!!!”

  4. E. Henry says:

    That view. Stunning, Hannah. And your story about the blood clot… laughed out loud. I think I found it so entertaining because I have too often had myself dead and buried over nothing. Keep the Paris posts coming. Loving them!

  5. I have also had a mysterious pain in my leg today (I feel I must add) but since it is gone now I think I am safe from amputation and so forth.

  6. Jackie says:

    These pictures are great! Especially since my husband is currently there and seems to forget that his iPhone actually has a camera feature on it! Thanks 🙂

  7. Elisha Ramey says:

    Two weeks ago I convinced myself I had Lymphoma because a node behind my ear was swollen for 5+ days, consistently getting bigger. I never made the rooftop party list, but I’ll never forget our small “English” Bible study group times! I am reliving my short time in Paris through your trip! Thank you!

    • Hannah says:

      That was such a special time!!!! And cozy, as chez moi was pretty tiny. : ) Also, remember that time where you gave me all your food because I was poor and starving??? Ahhh…. good times. : )

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