When I started grad school, I was quickly convinced that everything about it was absolutely terrible. Obviously I slowly came around and eventually signed on for 4 (5?) more years, but that first year was brutal. Along the way I did make a wonderful friend. Shannon was my fellow first year buddy, my fellow wide-eyed, overwhelmed, lost, tired soul. Two weeks ago Shannon became a mother to this perfect baby girl, Clara. I was so thrilled to stop in for newborn toes, squishy baby snuggles, and tiny  hands. Welcome to the world little one.  Clara-62 Clara-77 Untitled-2 Clara-55 Clara-110 Untitled-3Clara-115Clara-8 Clara-30 Clara-48 Clara-53 Clara-43Untitled-1

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3 Responses to Clara

  1. Danica says:

    I knew these would be coming soon and I am so so glad you posted them!

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