Just a Tuesday morning at the BEACH.

Though I am sad to see summer break go, nothing compares to my total grief that August Recess ends next Tuesday. While every August Recess is wonderful, this one has been especially perfect, as we have recessed… aggressively. We made a list of all the relaxing and fun summer things we wanted to do during this month where James’ hours are a little bit more predictable and we have been blazing through it. We didn’t want to let this month slip by without us paying attention. And in general, we don’t want to let life in DC slip by without us soaking in every last thing that this city has to offer.

We really wanted to make it to some of the museums that we love around this city, and I have been itching to check out the indoor beach exhibit all summer. Massive ball pit? YES PLEASE. Beach without sand of sunscreen? YES PLEASE TIMES FIFTY. When I found out that the National Building Museum hosts a special free pre-opening morning visit for each DC ward, I made sure to mark my calendar, and we enjoyed a quick trip to the beach before work yesterday.

Summer2015-134 Summer2015-132Summer2015-109Only downside of an indoor beach? It can do nothing to help my wicked ballet flat tanlines that have stuck with me since France.Summer2015-112 Summer2015-113 Summer2015-114 Summer2015-115It might not appear that way, but those balls are really, really, hard to swim in. Like, at one point I thought I might drown and James had to haul me out.  The best way to tackle the “waves” was in a float, and I considered stealing one from some of the super on-top-of-it moms there with troops of kids. I was also just a tad scared that you could genuinely lose a small child FOREVER in those pits, not to mention your cell phone, keys, wallet, etc. If the Washingtonian doesn’t have an article about all the things found when they take down the ball pit, I will be severely disappointed. Summer2015-117 Summer2015-118 Summer2015-119THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. But it is also kind of awesome.  Like being perfectly suspended in the world’s best mattress… that might also suffocate you. Summer2015-122 Summer2015-124 Summer2015-127 Summer2015-128Selfie attempt with the big camera, without drowning mid-shot… Summer2015-129….failure.  Summer2015-130 Summer2015-131….Success!

And just in case you were wondering, is this sanitary? How many children peed in there? Aren’t those balls covered in germs? THIS IS NOT CLEAN!Summer2015-110Just know, James was right there with you in all those thoughts. I might have had to use all my persuasive powers to get him to jump in. And he hit that Purell afterwards like his life depended on it. Thank you husband, for balancing out my utter disbelief in the existence of germs.  Summer2015-133What’s that you say? You wish you had a video? DONE.

You wanted one that really emphasized how the balls rise up to engulf you?

I live to please.

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17 Responses to Just a Tuesday morning at the BEACH.

  1. Lawson Stone says:

    The look on the little kid’s face watching as you jump in is worth the whole video.

  2. Anna says:

    So cool!! I work a couple blocks away from the National Building Museum and keep wanting to check out the Beach, but it always sounds like the lines were so long. Wish I had known about the ward days, that is awesome!

    • Hannah says:

      You need to go! Slip out on a lunch break sometime before it closes! I only found out about the Ward day through an add in one of the Metro magazines… definitely going to be checking that for future exhibits!

  3. KelseyMarie says:

    This looks like my childhood dream come true!! So fun!

  4. E.H says:

    Oh my goodness. Best. Post. Ever. I laughed so hard at James’ expressions when you were talking about germs. And those videos! The slooooow motion… I died. Just died with laughter. It looks like way too much fun. I took my kids to that museum last spring before we moved but they weren’t doing that exhibit. If I was still nannying in D.C., we’d totally be there tomorrow. I’m going to pass this info along to their new nanny. They would LOVE this!

  5. E.H says:

    Can you tell I was catching up today? 😉

  6. kmbrunner16 says:

    Those videos were pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen! haha

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