The Summer List.

As always, I’m already a little drunk on summer and excited about the next couple months of long days and sweaty adventures around this city. We’ve already been to the splash pad close to ten times, including every night last weekend. These sun drenched days and big smiles are good for my soul. A lot of this transition from 1 to 2 has been really hard on me, but I told James that I feel so much better and collected when we are out and about. No matter how insane it is getting out the door, the second we start exploring this city, I feel confident and happy again.

I’m leaning in to the fact that Etta is a schedule-less potted plant newborn, and I’m refusing to stay home to get her on a nap schedule, opting instead to have her nap on the go so Henry and I can be out and about. I didn’t feel this freedom the first time around, but now I know- good sleep and schedules will come. But for these months- we are prioritizing being out. In addition to all our normal summer activities and time with friends, I’m trying to make some goals for what we want to do and accomplish this summer.


Here’s what’s on our list for this summer:

Spend less time on my phone around the kids. I read this article and was really convicted that my vigilance over Henry’s screen time needs to impact how much he sees of my own.

Get daily toddler HIIT workouts in with Henry, as these really do help us get moving in our tiny space and enjoy the rest of our day so much more.

Hit the lavender farms (or this one!) and the sunflower fields.

A beach trip! I would love to make it all the way to the actual ocean, but I’m being realistic and thinking the Chesapeake might be better. Probably here, unless I find someone with a nice beach house who wants us to invade for the day.

Pick something. Probably blackberries here following the sunflowers, just like last year.

Find a creek for Henry to play in. Anyone in the DC area have a lead on a nice shady creek with a shallow creek for toddlers who love hurling rocks and getting muddy?

Check out this aviation museum with planes for Henry to sit in.

Make the rounds of our favorite splash pads, like Navy Yard and the Wharf and I want to check out this one.

Read books. With my dissertation behind me, and lots of nursing before me, I’m trying to actually read some fun books. Started this recently and I’m excited about it.

We usually hit the free ward days at the National Building Museum summer exhibit, but we are sadly out of town on our day this year. Boo! But check out yours here if you are local! We loved the Beach a couple years back and the Hive last year.

What are you all up to this summer? And DC area people with fun activities or festivals that I missed?

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2 Responses to The Summer List.

  1. Katy says:

    I have a reading recommendation if you’d like it? I just finished The Sealwoman’s Gift, by Sally Magnusson. It was so good I finished it in about 24 hours.

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