Zach & Liz

If you ask me how I’m doing lately, I usually respond with an update on my big brother’s wedding plans, because he is GETTING MARRIED NEXT SUMMER and it’s my favorite thing happening in the world these days. I am scoring a serious winner in the sister department, and their wedding, the finale in weddings of myself and my two brothers, promises to be the best party I’ve ever attended.  I also got all sorts of sentimental preparing this post and dug way back in the archives to find the first time I met Liz. Zach brought her up for a weekend a couple years ago, telling me that I needed to meet her, because she was important. We ate at Ted’s AND Founding Farmers, making ourselves into total gluttons with all of DC’s finest.  We wandered around Eastern Market and munched on those tiny donuts I loved. I remember thinking that she was so much classier than all of us, but I hoped she didn’t realize that and stuck around instead.

Zach was right – she was important. And she is. And she gets to stay that way forever in our family and I am THRILLED. When we were down in Charlottesville a couple weeks ago, we made sure to snatch some quick engagement photos.Liz- we could not be happier that you are joining our family!ZachandLiz-8 ZachandLiz-21 ZachandLiz-28 Untitled-1 ZachandLiz-40ZachandLiz-35 ZachandLiz-47 ZachandLiz-54 ZachandLiz-58 ZachandLiz-63 ZachandLiz-68 ZachandLiz-74 ZachandLiz-76 ZachandLiz-77 ZachandLiz-96 ZachandLiz-97PS: If you are just super nostalgic like me, here are engagement photos from my little brother’s shoot, as well as some shots from his wedding.

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4 Responses to Zach & Liz

  1. Angela Stone says:

    Hannah thinks she scored winners with sisters……and I know that I am soooooo fortunate to already have a most precious daughterinlaw and now will be getting another. Life is sweet.

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