Highs & Lows

…from the weekend.

galtian2High: A bunch of the students that went to France with me his summer came over for a crêpe party Friday night (recipe here). We waxed nostalgic about the wonder of our time in France, ate about a million crêpes slathered in Nutella, and even braved the very un-French pumpkin goat cheese I found at the store. Our table looked absolutely nothing like that photo above, but I love it (from here) so I am using it instead of the one grainy iphone pic I took of my table covered in chalkboard paper and loaded with all sorts of toppings.

Low: The subsequent dishes and morning-after crêpe gluttony coma.

High: I photographed a sweet one-year old baby on Saturday morning… in a tiny hot-air balloon setup made from a basket and bright balloons. It would not be a stretch to say that it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Low: We ended the shoot when said precious set-up ended with a twice toppled baby and probably a forever phobia of baskets.

High: After a long hiatus of summer and fun, we got back on our Saturday schedule where I go be productive at coffee shops in the afternoon while James chills at home.

Low: Tried that Pumpkin Spice Latte. Not impressed.

High: Saturday night we went to a party where all the food was from the delicious frozen foods party section- mini White Castle burgers, buffalo chicken wantons, frozen pizza, etc.

Low: Repeat food gluttony coma. (Obviously, my current version of [mostly]whole[maybe]30 doesn’t exist on weekends.)

High: An early morning, pre-church, 11 mile run with my running buddy on Sunday morning.

Low: But later, at church, prayer time? You mean accidental naptime? Early runs do not always an alert worshiper make.

High: We finished updating our Adventure Wall!

Low: We will most assuredly never get our security deposit back.

Low: Walked down to Navy Yard to explore all the new things happening down there and ordered tasty Starbucks seasonal beverages (the Salted Caramel Mocha obviously), only to find that we had no wallets on us.

High: World’s kindest barista gave us free drinks and a request to pay it forward.

High: Had dinner with good friends we see far too rarely in their lovely home, topping the evening off with some classy poetry.

And no low, because third time’s the charm, and the food was tasty AND not designed to kill us.

Hope your weekend was mostly highs, with just enough lows to keep it real.

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5 Responses to Highs & Lows

  1. I love this style of post. Sounds like a weekend of more highs than lows!

  2. E.H says:

    Navy Yard is amazing!

  3. High: getting to go to the bookstore, clothing store, running store, and Starbucks all in one day. Low: super painful half marathon and blistery, achy aftermath.
    I think I like your style of whole 30. I should try it 😀

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