Clara at one year.

I know, I know – there have been a lot of photoshoots posted over here lately instead of my usual titillating discourses on such worthy subjects as our current activities and eating habits. But I couldn’t resist sharing one more, because BABIES in BASKETS with BALLOONS. Plus, it is kind of fun to remember when Clara was born last year, and then when she couldn’t quite sit up on her own last spring, and now she is walking! Happy one year on this earth Clara!  Clara Claraoneyear-8 Clara2 Claraoneyear-18 Claraoneyear-38Claraoneyear-29 Claraoneyear-53 Claraoneyear-55 Clara3 Claraoneyear-64 Claraoneyear-84

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5 Responses to Clara at one year.

  1. abby says:

    Very cute, Hannah, nice work!

  2. Papa & Granny Noble says:

    These are just toooo precious for words…loved them all!!! My favorite is probably the black and white. Smile is priceless!! Love, Granny & Papa

  3. E.H says:

    When I have kids, I will be flying you out to NC to take pictures. You have so much talent, girl! ❤

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