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Have you ordered your Christmas Cards yet?  Please tell me no so I feel better. And if yours are ordered, addressed, and about to go out- just don’t ever talk to me again, ok? My brain has fired at a lower setting since Henry was born, and even though I swear every year that I will be more on top of it… I’m not. But we did recruit our friends to take some pictures right before Thanksgiving and we have this gem from them:fall2016-211

Babies in flight + fall foliage + primary colors + hats with antlers = my personal heaven.

Moving on.

Even though I wrote a bare bones birth story- I love reading them. Fran just wrote hers and it is hysterical. I will forever be grateful for the advice she texted me shortly after Henry was born and I was curious about recovery, warning me simply to resist the urge to break out a mirror.

This article is more than a little traumatizing. It encourages me in my desire to teach Henry good sleep habits, but it is also a good reminder that sleep is not the only gauge of parenting:

“This is parenting, then: trying and failing and reaching and missing and sometimes getting it right, and always loving.”

And speaking of sleep – is it normal to go to bed at the same time?

Though my current schedule is so wonderfully flexible, I think a lot about balancing work and home, and this was an excellent reminder of the need for empathy, and its impossibility.

I love following Humans of New York on Instagram and their recent series of posts from Macomb County  have been extra good.

One time I read a novel that described the main character making pasta in such detail, that I tried to follow the fictional description and make my own. It was a disaster and I haven’t tried to make pasta since but this is tempting me to try.

I am obsessed with every last thing about this house– even the goats. I mean, especially the goats.

In January we are going to get serious about health and do another Whole30 and I am pumped to do a slight variation of this salad.

Cyber Monday sales! I love Kiehl’s and but they usually are so expensive that I restrain from purchasing them- even if they are made from fairy powder and unicorn tears. I love that they are giving all sorts of freebies away today and used it as an excuse to finally restock in a couple things I love. I also hit up the sales from Gap, Old Navy, and H & M to get some stuff for Henry’s 6-9 month wardrobe, which was pretty sparse.

That’s all, save one more photo from last week- because he’s six months old now, and James informed me that this means we are 1/36 of the way to him moving out of the house and I just about DIED. fall2016-209



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6 Responses to This & That

  1. Caroline says:

    So the sleep article left me crying… Our 2 year old who we sleep trained as a baby quite easily starting waking at night. Sleep and babies/ toddlers is so frustrating and so hard to decide what to do.
    Also, I think it’s normal to go to bed at the same time. At least it’s our normal lol.

    • Hannah says:

      I hear you!!! Almost all of my mom breakdowns have been over not knowing what to do. It’s not being tired, not being frustrated, it’s just that total loss of not knowing what the right thing is to do in a hard moment. And I am ALL about going to bed at the same time. : )

  2. Ellen Johnson says:

    The Beekman Mansion is in my home county! According to my sister, my parents looked into buying that house which is kind of makes one feel like whomp-whomp now, but the reality is, it’s literally in the middle of nowhere. So ultimately, I’m glad they ended up moving closer to civilization. 🙂

    Also, that sleep training article = so freaking terrifying! I have two pretty good sleepers now, a 4 year old and 2 year old, but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly due to their personalities more than anything we did. (Although, I’m pathologically consistent with sleep routines from day one.) But I’m due with number 3 in March and I fear having a sleep resistant child. But if I do, he’ll be my sleep resistant child, right? And I’ll love the heck out of him. I keep telling myself this!

    • Hannah says:

      I actually think that most harsh sleep training is avoided by being “pathologically consistent with sleep routines”…. so you should be good! From my research (which is MUCH) and my experience (which is LITTLE- all of Henry), being consistent and proactive from the beginning means you don’t ever just have to endure horrible sleep training.

      And I LOVE that house… but I also love not being stranded. : )

      • Ellen Johnson says:

        That’s been my experience as well. The first year really sucks, but if you can get over that year long haul of training and retraining and being super rigid about everything, they usually come out of that first year being good sleepers. Well, and you have to be consistent beyond year one… I get eye rolls from my sisters and some fellow parents about how rigid I am about bedtimes and naptimes. But the proof is in the pudding! My kids sleep! Again, just my experience with my two, number 3 might be different!

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