On the last day of Summer…

It felt just as hot as the first days of summer, so we did what we’ve been doing all summer long and headed outside. Fall2017-19On the last day of summer, we got [the best] iced coffees at Philz, and managed to not entirely wreck the whole place, a far cry from our first visit a couple months ago.Fall2017-20On the last day of summer, we spent the morning with the crew we’ve spent all summer with, babies and toddlers running everywhere, getting into everything, melting down and having fun all at once. Fall2017-21Fall2017-23Fall2017-24Fall2017-26Fall2017-27Fall2017-30Fall2017-31On the last day of summer, we had the splash pad almost entirely to ourselves, a far cry from the early days of summer, when it was so packed with moms and kids and strollers, a giant community of people dedicated to making the most of hot summer days.Fall2017-32Fall2017-37Fall2017-40Fall2017-41Fall2017-44On the last day of summer, this boy walked all over – ran even – when he started the summer only able to crawl around the fountains. It meant a lot more falls, more tears, more work, but also so much more fun.Fall2017-45Fall2017-46Fall2017-47Fall2017-49On the last day of summer, we broke all the rules and handed the kids ice cream cones, and pushed them just a little too much when it comes to naps, but it was the last day of summer after all and we just couldn’t help it.Fall2017-51Fall2017-54Fall2017-55Fall2017-57Fall2017-59On the last day of summer, I found myself not at all ready for it to end. Yes, I would love cooler days, but that means shorter days too, colder days coming, less time to run and splash and play in the sun. I used to love when September rolled around and have so much anticipation for fall, only to get annoyed when most of the month still has those glorious sunny summer days. But now I lean into summer, into every last day. Fall will come.

But for today, the last day of summer, there wasn’t a hint of fall in the air, and I wasn’t a bit sorry. Fall2017-60

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