A morning at the Wharf.

This week it feels like we are back in the throes of winter, but on Saturday, for one glorious day, it became summer so quickly that the oppressive DC humidity and mosquitoes didn’t have time to catch up and so we got the best of summer with the residual blessings of winter.

It is no secret how much I love this city in the summer, even with its swamp-like nature. We spent much of last summer living at Navy Yard, and I can’t wait to get back to the splash pad, though I know an infant will make summer outings a little more complicated. A new waterfront area opened up a couple months ago called District Wharf, but I hadn’t made it down yet. A perk of young children is that you can beat most brunch crowds by making it out around tiny person schedules, so we headed down early with my brother and sister-in-law to wander the Wharf, soak in the sun, and eat all the tasty treats.

Here are some pictures from our summer morning in the middle of April… just a glimpse of what is to come in a couple months and I couldn’t be more excited.SPring2018-2Of course, since it has been not at all spring-like, I hadn’t even thought about getting summer clothes for Henry. When the temperature was supposed to be in the 80’s, I dug around and finally found one pair of still way-too-big overall shorts, which meant that Henry looked like an adorable cartoon character from the 80’s going to summer camp and I LOVE IT.SPring2018-4Guys. THE WHARF. Splash pad! Shady area with aesthetic rocking horse things! Pier with giant swings! Boats! Airplanes constantly flying overhead! Free ferry over to Haines Point! Allllll the tasty treats! SPring2018-5SPring2018-8Ok, also a total absence of barriers to stop your toddler from diving into the water, which makes things exciting.SPring2018-9This kid is ridiculously lucky in the aunt and uncle department.SPring2018-12SPring2018-14SPring2018-15When you think you are taking a dreamy family photo but actually it looks like you’re eating your hair and you kept the lens cap in your pocket. Oops. SPring2018-17Also, James could give a tutorial on never changing your facial expressions during photos. It’s scarily impressive.SPring2018-18SPring2018-19SPring2018-20Maybe because the Wharf has been under construction the whole time we have lived here, or maybe because we are both from landlocked states, and thus very timid about seafood, but we had never been down to the fish market that predates the Wharf renovations. I always see it when we drive over the 395 bridge, but had never ventured down. So fun! Henry kept asking to “Hold fish! Pet it!!”SPring2018-21Ruth insists that these were some of the best oysters she had ever eaten…SPring2018-22…while Henry and James remain skeptical.SPring2018-23SPring2018-24That kid and his cheeks. I want to EAT HIS FACE.SPring2018-25After checking out all the options, we impulsively got brunch at Dolcezza after seeing two girls carrying out tater-tots. It did not disappoint. Because frankly, Henry’s face is how we all secretly feel when faced with tater tots:SPring2018-27SPring2018-28New favorite picture of my boys? Absolutely. SPring2018-29We went back outside after Henry woke up from his long post-Wharf nap. We stayed out past bedtime, playing in parks and talking with friends, and Henry had skinned knees and smelled like sunscreen. The whole day was so good for my soul and had all the things I love about life right now. Looking forward to more days like this in the months to come!

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