Why I love DC: The Sweet Lobby

In my  macaron experience, there are a couple moments that stand above all the rest:

  • That time that we WON the Macaronathon, even though the rest of Paris didn’t even know it was a competition.
  • Whenever I would introduce a visitor to the perfection that was a Ladurée macaron, usually consumed somewhere exceedingly lovely.
  • That time my brothers and I FAILED at making macarons and had to eat all the ganache with pretzels.
  • And finally, the time I finally found macarons stateside that hold a candle to France… and they happened to be three blocks from my home.

It’s not that Americans don’t love macarons – they do. But only because they are pretty. The subtlety of a macaron (and the fact that it only has one “o” – the two “o” one is the coconut cookie) eludes American chefs. I buy them whenever I see them and usually end up disappointed as they are nothing but fudge sandwiched between bland meringue cookies. Whereas eating a macaron from Ladurée meant eating a perfect incaranation of whatever the flavor said it was (rose, lavender, salted caramel…), eating a macaron from various specialty stores here just made me wish that I had opted for chocolate chip.

But then my birthday came, and a friend brought me a box of macarons from The Sweet Lobby. Glory.

sweetlobby sweetlobby1

I’ve typed and deleted this confession several times, but I’m just going to admit it here: they are every bit as good … and potentially better… than lots of the French ones I had.


What it is: Tiny sweet shop on Barracks Row selling perfect French confections like macarons, madeleines, and canelés, as well as cupcakes… AND CUPCAKES WITH MACARONS ON THEM.

Where it is: 404 8th Street SE (see- eastern DC really is awesome!!)

Why you should be excited: Um…. Have you seen how pretty those cookies are? And DID YOU SEE THERE WAS EDIBLE GLITTER ON ONE? And if I told you they had flavors like balsamic-fig, salted caramel hazelnut, and orange ginger – would you drop everything and come RIGHT NOW? Because you should. I can meet you there.


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11 Responses to Why I love DC: The Sweet Lobby

  1. Brooke Cook says:

    These look absolutely delicious! AND did you take these pictures? If so, they are spectacular. What vivid color!

  2. I have never had a macaron, even though I have wanted to try them for ages–they are so pretty and the flavors always sound exquisite. They make me think of fairy tales. But, I can’t find them anywhere, and I am far too scared to actually try and make them. I guess this just means I am going to have to come visit you in DC 😉

  3. Heidi says:

    Now I really want to make a macaron. My list of summer activities is growing longer and longer….

  4. Terpsichore says:

    Somehow I missed this post when you posted it and I am in AWE. I am thrilled that you have legit macarons nearby and am delighted by the HEART-SHAPED ONES AUGH and am kind of envious of everyone else’s macaron-making abilities since I only made them twice and of course mine were nowhere near as pretty.

    (If I stare at them long enough, I’ll get The Fever again and want to make more…)

    • Hannah says:

      Give in to the fever!!!!

      or rejoice in the fact that I checked and THE SWEET LOBBY SHIPS ALL OVER. You just have to call and order over the phone, but it is tots worth it.

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