Paris2014-103 Sometimes it’s surprising how life twists back around upon itself, winding in coils that have you revisiting things you thought you had left, re-finding connections that would have seemed preposterous if proposed initially. Last week I went to visit my friend Marilyne in Lyon, and the fact that she and I are friends can only be described as one of those strange coincidences that fills the lives of those who believe in greater perspectives. Her mom grew up in the same tiny town where my family is from before moving to France after college. She eventually married a Frenchman who would become a pastor of a tiny church in northern Paris and have three daughters. Years later, I moved to France and sought that church out, only to find within its walls the French people who I still love today, including her daughter Marilyne, who had even briefly attended the same elementary school as me during a year with her aunt in Kentucky. Paris2014-104 But it didn’t stop there. Marilyne eventually fell in love and the two came to visit me in DC before spending Thanksgiving and Christmas eve with my family in Kentucky. And then on Christmas eve, in the same spot where I would celebrate my wedding 7 months later, Ismaël proposed. They visited James and I on their American honeymoon, squeezing into our little home. And now, a year later, I took the train down to Lyon to spend a couple days in their little home, letting life twist back on itself again. Paris2014-105 Here are some snippets from my quick trip to Lyon.Paris2014-107 Paris2014-108 Paris2014-109 Paris2014-110//Let’s be honest: I am kind of a Paris snob. I have visited other places in France, but I do tend to stick to Paris. But oh man, was Lyon lovely. We ate the first night at a guingette beside the river, a nice break from the noise of Paris, and I spent most of my visit just marveling at how clean, lovely, green, and hilly Lyon is. //Paris2014-112 Paris2014-113Paris2014-115 Paris2014-116//The view the hill overlooking the city… and the walk down.//Paris2014-117 Paris2014-118 Paris2014-119 Paris2014-120 Paris2014-121 Paris2014-122 //As France jumped from cold to SO HOT in like a day, we obviously had to stop for ice-cream before noon. We stumbled on the cutest place in the old part of the city that had at least a million flavors, among which were exciting things like the one I am holding that is poppy flavored. As in the flower. Made into ice cream. Poppy also happens to be one of my favorite French words – coquelicot – and, surprisingly, I don’t usually get to use it.//Paris2014-125 Paris2014-126 //Sunlight through stained-glass slays me every time. // Paris2014-128 Paris2014-129//À la prochaine, Lyon. Till next time. //

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9 Responses to Lyon.

  1. Natalie says:

    How funny, I’ve always loved that word too! I think i first heard it as a girl’s name in the movie Roi de Coeurs. It’s just such a fun word to say! So was the gelato as good as it’s name?

  2. Maria says:

    What a great story! Love the pictures too!

  3. Hi Hanna
    I am Ismaël’s sister. Since I live in Switzerland I have to admit that watching your beautiful pictures of my native city…makes me feel a bit homesick.
    Lyon is definitely a very cool place to be and live.
    Anytime you want to come visit Switzerland with friends, Maryline&Ismaël or just by your own you are more than welcome.

    God bless!


    • Hannah says:

      Hi Célina!

      I didn’t get any pictures of it, but we also stayed one night at your parents lovely home! They were so gracious and kind and I just love all of the family that I have met! I might just have to pass through Switzerland!

  4. Marilyne says:

    And there was also that one time you came to see us on Geneva 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    What a beautiful city! France all around is so magical. I love Paris but must admit I am partial to those smaller French towns and cities. Your photos make me want to go back so badly!

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